Hi, I'm Sergio.

I'm an operations/software engineer with 8+ years of experience helping companies automate "all the things", whether it is code deployments, monitoring & alerting, or infrastructure provisioning. In that time, I've worked in various sub-sectors including e-commerce, media, commercial real estate, and enterprise SaaS.

In early 2019, I began working remotely and got the chance to work from multiple locations including several US States, Toronto, and Playa Del Carmen. With the world slowly opening back up, I hope to help people interested in remote work learn how to do so effectively while keeping a healthy work-life balance.

In nearly a decade of working exclusively at tech startups, I've learned a lot about what to look for, what to avoid, and reflected on mistakes I have made along the way. Through blog posts and YouTube videos, I hope to help other engineers better navigate their careers and provide helpful work from home tips to remote workers more broadly.